Business Opportunities

SEN works with a variety of education companies,

which are offering interesting opportunities

for a business partnership. 

Partner in Asia

for setting up overseas campus

We are a private higher education institution based in Singapore with several campuses in Asia. 
We are looking for overseas partners in education which will join hands in offering internationally accredited and recognized Bachelor and Master degree programmes in your country.
We are interested in partners, which can bring expertise and experience in the following areas:
  • Higher education marketing
  • Facility management for educational purposes
  • Understanding of the domestic and international student market
  • Understanding of legal and regulatory environment for running a higher education institution including obtaining the required educational licenses

Distributor and Reseller

We are looking for distributors and resellers for various education products for the APAC market. The education products are usually well-established in their home market (APAC, Europe, US and other countries) and they are now seeking to expand their market reach to specific APAC countries or the region.
Targeted education market segments are 
  • K-12
  • Higher Education
Product description examples:
  • Children voice recognition technology for language learning
  • K-12 film/video content and editing platform for teachers
  • University administration software for facility & student management

Online MBA Programmes for

PR China

We are an Education company based in PR China searching for higher education partners abroad.
We are looking for accredited Online MBA programmes, which can be offered to students in PR China. It must be allowed for the programme to be delivered in Mandarin as most students do not have sufficient English Language proficiency. The translation, marketing and any other student services will be done us. 
  • No need for job placement services is required
  • Guaranteed first year minimum intake

Private Higher Education Institution in Germany

We are a Hong Kong-based Education Group with several universities and colleges in Asia.
We are looking for a partnership with a private higher education institution (Universitaet, Fachhochschule or Business School) in Germany for a comprehensive collaboration including
  • exchange of students
  • sending foreign students to the German partner (without exchange)
  • offering German partner programs/ certification in Asia
  • acquiring a stake in the German partner

Education institution with online assessments 

We are an Education company based in Europe and currently developing an online assessment technology. 

This assessment technology platform will offer an integrated and seamless assessment tool for institutions and corporates. Organizations will have tailored assessment options with various advanced security features like

  • identity validation,

  • biometric recognition etc.

The portal will offer a range of functions like

  • dual 360 degree views,

  • payment gateway for testers,

  • blockchain-based record store,

  • keystroke pattern recognition,

  • low-bandwidth option etc.

This project will be useful to organizations, which conduct computerized/ remote assessments Zoom, MS Teams or LMS.
​We are looking for institutions who like to be part of the product development phase and shape the end product. You would be requested share feedback and insights about online assessments and what would be useful features for your institution.
For your involvement, we can offer early and  privileged access for the assessment tool and technology.
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