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A non-invasive, secure solution for exams you can trust in a familiar Zoom environment

Built on years of research to promote academic integrity

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Bringing institutional flexibility and transparency for participants

Built for Zoom

Login with your Zoom credentials or launch within your Zoom session, all with a familiar interface.

Live or unattended

Conduct a live evaluation or rely on AI to support 100% unattended and recorded exams.

Computer Vision

Capture events like face detection, low attention, outside screen looking and unauthorised objects.


Allow artifact collection, assessment feedback and sentiment analysis. Continuously improve your exams.

Identity Verification

Including ID card analysis, registration, and liveness biometrics validation.

Non-invasive security

Monitor browser and desktop activity, including “copy/paste”, other tabs and focused apps.

Optimal for all types of assessments in K12, Higher Education and Professional environments. Ranging from psychometric tests to coding skills and language exams. Built on years of research.


Leading industry partners, universities and schools informing the solution.


Let the test begin

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