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FilmDoo Academy is a content and education technology platform for teachers, lecturers and educators to access and turn any film & video into an interactive lesson - in just a few minutes.

Are you looking to introduce educational innovation to your school and improve learning outcomes?  As schools and educational institutions were disrupted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to raise and maintain student engagement in lessons has never been higher.

The average Gen Z student now spends at least four hours a day watching mobile videos. While traditional teaching methods struggle to keep students engaged, the modern students now respond to film- and video-based learning - which is at the heart of what we do at FilmDoo!

A partnership with FilmDoo Academy can provide your school with a transformative new educational tool that leverages the power of engaging films and videos. Empower your teachers and staff to turn any film and video into an interactive lesson in minutes!

FilmDoo is a flexible multi-purpose edtech platform that can be used in classrooms, during online classes and for student homework and revision!  Compatible for all ages and student levels across different teaching subjects, check out FilmDoo Academy for your school today!

Transform Learning Outcomes Using Film & Video!

Deliver interactive, immersive and super engaging lessons!

For Language Schools
& Teachers

How To Stimulate In-Class Learning Using FilmDoo

Create Gamified Learning for Primary & Secondary Students

Example of Gamified Learning for Corporate Training: Diversity & Inclusion


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