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FREEJOO is THE Global Community for Educators with over 100,000 educators from more than 35 countries on the platform.

Akadasia is a Singapore-based mission-driven EdTech business that aims to Empower Educators Everywhere through FREEJOO, THE global community of educators. 

Here, you can network with educators from all around the world, collaborate on projects, exchange ideas, access the best professional development courses which help you enhance your pedagogical and technical skills needed to design and facilitate engaging courses for the 21st-century learner, learn to use digital tools which enable you to design and build your lessons easily and quickly and so much more!

If you are an educator or would like to network with educators, then FREEJOO is THE place to be.







Access to FREEJOO includes:

1. collabED - A social networking platform for educators where you can collaborate, share ideas, network, plan excursions & immersion trips and socialize with other educators.

2. skillED - A professional development platform for educators where you can learn the pedagogical and technological skills needed to teach 21st century learners.

3. designED - A platform for instructional design where you can design engaging lessons for learners quickly, easily, and in the language of your choice.


You can join more than 100,000 educators from all over the globe and get your own free lifetime access to FREEJOO from now until July 2021.

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Founder | CEO
Akadasia Pte Ltd 

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A social networking platform for educators to connect with, interact and share ideas with educators from all over the world. Currently, there are more than 100,000 educators from more than 35 countries on FREEJOO.

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Get access to a wide variety of competency based Professional Development Courses For Educators. These courses, designed by Akadasia and by several other leading academic institutions from around the world, help you build new pedagogical and technical skills and fine tune existing ones! You can choose the courses based on your personal preference and complete these at your own time, at your own pace.

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Access a wide range of instructional/lesson/course/content authoring tools that empower educators to design engaging lessons, in any language, for the 21st Century learner.

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