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Who We Are

Noodle Factory is a chat-based learning platform that promotes effective learning through humanised learner engagement and automating educator tasks.


Experience Benefits of AI-Powered Learning

Instant Setup

Drag and drop your documents onto Noodle Factory and let our AI engine work its magic!


Students can start learning through AI-powered conversations which are tailored to individual needs.


Track usage patterns, learner engagement and assessments scores to improve learning programmes.

Better Learning Outcomes

Learning experiences become engaging and highly personalised. Educators spend less time on repetitive tasks like grading and more time on teaching.

Explore the Possibilities

Use Cases for Higher Education

Our unique AI algorithm automatically curates any content into a personalised learning curriculum for students via chat. Teachers can now spend less time on repetitive tasks like assessment grading. They can automate creating and grading assessments and have more time to focus on what matters - teaching. With adaptive tutoring, students will receive highly individualised feedback on their learning progress based on the knowledge gaps identified.


Our tools are perfect as:

  • Smart Tutor

  • AI Grading Assessment

  • Student Support

  • Course Consultant

Use Cases for Corporate

Staff engagement while working remotely from one another has never been easier. Our unique AI algorithm automatically curates any content into learning conversations in MINUTES. With Noodle Factory, workflows are optimised. Our virtual assistants are great at providing just-in-time learning to employees at any time of the day. Information search becomes much more manageable with the virtual assistant managing the big data of information stored in its platform.


We’re Perfect As:

  • Virtual Onboarding Specialist

  • Virtual Mentor

  • Support Facilitator

  • Information Manager

Learning can get a lot smarter with Noodle Factory.

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