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The K-12 sector has seen tremendous developments for digital learning products.
Innovative & creative digital solutions are coming from different parts of the world. 


Higher Education

Institutions in higher education are facing increasing pressure to embrace more digital education tools and improve efficiency as an organization by adopting digital transformation.
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The Idea

With current education scenario triggered by the pandemic and associated consequences, we have an extraordinary opportunity to improve and complement education.

This opportunity does not come every day and the SEN community is invited to consider various avenues to learn about digital solution, connect with experts and verify suitability for your own implementation.

The portal can hopefully trigger new openness towards tech solutions, shed light on what is available and create synergies among the stakeholders.
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The Digital Solutions

The SEN EdTech Portal consists of selected innovative digital solutions for the education sector with emphasis on Singapore and the Asian region.

It is not supposed to be laundry list of tech solutions but rather a small but exclusive group of interesting and suitable EdTech products for the Asian education environment. 
Below products is the first batch of those digital tools and more will follow.

Please check the specific webpage for each EdTech tool and approach the company with the submission form if you like to know more including requesting a demo.
Interested to have your EdTech product featured on SEN EdTech Portal?