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Continuing Education/Adult Learning, Higher/Tertiary Education, Secondary Education
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Learning Resources & Content, Online Learning Platform
Product Summary
Pain Points
User not able to discern what career to choose
User not able to get positive responses in job search
User not able to identify strengths and skills that make the stand out from the crowd
User unaware of how to write an ATS-ready resume that will get noticed and considered
User lack competency and confidence to shine in interviews

The 1-Stop Centre to onboard you to the world of work
The Career Starter Pack provides the most relevant and easy-to-apply strategies and tactics to get you ready for the world of work. From how to pick a career, preparing your resume and portfolio all the way through priming yourself for the job interview, we provide bite-sized learning that is practical and quick to apply so that you can discover the right opportunity and seize them in the world of work.

Key Takeaways
Discern one’s key skills and job preferences and matching it to the opportunities at the workplace
Understand the nature and rules of the new world of work
Develop a unique personal brand that communicates your highest value to potential employers
Create and optimise your resume so that you get noticed by recruiters
Understand how to effectively answer interview questions that makes one relevant and valuable to prospective hirers
Create a job interview strategy that would make a good impression
Product Details
Welcome to The World of Work
The world of work has changed. The boundaries between work and life have also shifted. As a freshman entering into the world of work, what do I need to know to get by? What are the rules of the world of work? Most importantly how do I find my place in this new world so that I can not only thrive but survive?
In this course, we will be sharing with you just that. Just in time.
Stay tuned for these lessons as you learn:
• The written and unspoken rules of the world of work
• What does professionalism in the working world really mean?
• The climate and landscape of Workplace 4.0
• How to make the best of your opportunities in the world of work
• Workplace hacks that would put you in good stead to thrive in the workplace

Discovering Your Ikigai
In this course, we start by understanding how we can find work that is meaningful to us but also valuable to the world. To do that, we will explore the Japanese concept of "IKIGAI"- or loosely translated to English- "the reason for being".
At the end of this lesson, you will get to discern:
• What is IKIGAI?
• What am I good at?
• What am I passionate about?
• How do I find out what the world needs
• How do I get paid for the work I do?
• How to articulate and live my "IKIGAI"

The Brand of You
In this course, we start with understanding the importance of branding and why branding matters. We would then deep dive into the area of personal branding to reflect on what is personal branding and how it helps everyone to go further, do more and achieve their aspirations.
At the end of this lesson, you will get to discern:
• What is a brand and what is branding?
• How products and services leverage on branding?
• What is a personal brand?
• Clues to your Personal Brand
• The power of personal branding
Ready. Let's deep dive into the powerful world of branding.

Resume Writing
Have you sent in dozens or hundreds of resumes without any positive response? Looked at your track record and find not much that you can insert into your resume?
Then you are at the right place. No matter how little work experience you have, you must know that you have that something of value that an employer out there is looking for.
In this course, we are going to unpack for you how to create a resume that will stand out, grab attention and be placed on top of the pile. That can help you convert a cold application into a potential job interview
Amongst the things you will uncover would include:
• What recruiters look out for in a resume and how you can give them what they are looking for
• How to beat the algorithm-powered ATS that scans your resume
• The Different types of resume and which one is made for you
• Optimising your resume so that it stands out and builds credibility
• Hacks that would turn your resume from good to great

Interview Mastery
Have you been selected for an interview and not sure how to prepare for it? Been asked an interview question and stumped at how to answer it? Or thought you answered it quite well but cannot figure out why the interviewers don't show any sign of approval or expression?
Then this is where you need to be. Today many organisations are coming up with so many different methods of interviewing so that they can screen for the best candidates. Some ask funny questions, others require you to do a team-building exercise with fellow candidates or even do an impromptu presentation.
In this course, we will help you prepare for that interview from start to finish. From the time you get the email informing you that you have been selected all the way to what you should do after finishing the interview. So that you got all the resources you need to own the hot seat and slay the interview.
You will discern:
• What interviewers are really looking for in an interview
• How to do your pre-interview homework so that you come into the interview like a seasoned pro
• Types of interview questions and the cheat codes to ace them
• Secret Verbal and Non-Verbal Hacks to wow your interviewer during the interview
• Acing your Virtual Interview using power and presence
• An Interview Simulator to hone your best interview style that can best position you for success in an interview
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Eileen Goh
Product Highlights
Verified Skills as Your Passport of Credibility
Bite-Sized Micro-Learning
Real-Time Industry Insights
Decoding Career Success into Bite-Sized Building Blocks
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Priming Youth for the World of Work

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