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Type Of User
School Administrator, Researcher, University Administrator, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Secondary Education, Primary Education & Early Childhood, Technical & Vocational Training, Higher/Tertiary Education, Continuing Education/Adult Learning
Tool Focus
Digital Certification, Professional Development
Product Summary
Akadasia is a Singapore-based mission-driven edtech startup that aims to Empower Educators Everywhere through FREEJOO, THE Global Community of Educators.

FREEJOO provides 21st-century education to educators, helps increase the supply of trained educators, helps education institutions generate an additional source of revenue and is currently trusted by >130,000
educators from over 35 countries.

1. Provides 21st-century education to educators,
2. Helps increase the supply of trained educators, and
3. Enables educators and education institutes to get access to additional revenue generation opportunities
Product Details
Blockchain certificate issuance as a service
Education institutions can customize and issue their own digital certificates and badges to their learners
all digital certificates and badges are issued on the blockchain and are tamper-proof and verifiable.

Who designs the courses?
Akadasia and several other global experts, including Ngee Ann Polytechnic (SG), Julia Gabriel Education (SG), etc. more course providers are being added regularly.

What is the course content like?
the course content focuses on 21st-century education and helps educators improve three specific skills:
1) pedagogical,
2) technical,
3) soft skills, in a wide range of languages

How does the learning happen?
Educators can learn at any time, from anywhere and can design their own personalized learning pathways to earn micro-credentials on the blockchain for every course completed.

- educators can track how they are learning by monitoring their progress on their respective dashboard

-academic administrators can evaluate and measure the efficacy of course design even before learners get access

Lifelong learning
The recommendation engine* can guide educators on what courses to take in- order to improve their craft
Contact Details
Neelesh Bhatia/ CEO
Product Highlights
collabED - An international community of teaching practice where educators can collaborate, network, share ideas, and support each other.
designED - Easy to use digital tools that help educators practice their instructional design skills and design engaging courses for their learners.
skillED - Personalized learning pathways for educators to learn pedagogical, technical and soft skills for 21st-century education and future of work.
blockchain certificate issuance as a service
Product Features
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Business Model     :
B2B, B2C, B2B2C
Languages               :
English, Bahasa Indonesia, Filipino, Hindi, Vietnamese
Awards & Recognition
Education Alliance Finland Certification, HolonIQ 2021 Southeast Asia EdTech 50, Eduspaze Accelerator 2021, SuperCharger Ventures Accelerator 2021, SMU Business Innovation Generator


Empowering Educators Everywhere

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