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Beyond Labz
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United States
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School Administrator, Student/Learner, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Secondary Education, Primary Education & Early Childhood, Higher/Tertiary Education
Tool Focus
Learning Resources & Content, Online Learning Platform, STEAM & Coding
Product Summary
Beyond Labz creates open-ended virtual lab experiences that provide students with opportunities to experiment, practice, fail, discover and learn without the limitations, expense and safety constraints of an actual laboratory.
Beyond Labz Virtual Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, and Biology labs simplify and reduce the cost and expertise needed to provide crucial laboratory experience and practice for Secondary and Higher Ed students.
As a result, Beyond Labz students have access to level appropriate virtual experiments, equipment and experiences only available in a small percentage of educational environments.
Product Details
Using a Virtual Lab in a classroom setting:
Virtual labs are a great resource for any elevated classroom. Students have the freedom to explore laboratory work without fear of failure or additional cost to the institution.
Incorporating virtual labs can occur at any step in the teaching process. This guide covers a step by step structure of a classroom or laboratory environment and provides ideas of how virtual labs can be used in each step. It should be noted that it isn’t expected to use virtual labs at every step of the learning process - but virtual labs from Beyond Labz can be an invaluable tool in the process of learning chemistry.

In-class teaching - Conclusion:
Incorporating best teaching practices in any learning environment will help students obtain a mastery of the material presented to them. Utilizing the tools from Beyond Labz, instructors can be confident in allowing students the freedom to explore as well as breaking the monotony of traditional course structures. One of the best tools instructors have at their fingertips is other instructors! Beyond Labz has a community built for instructors not only to share the things they do with our software, but also provide a place to share best practices, including lesson plans, course structure ideas, videos, and many more! We would love to welcome you to our free community and thank you for using Beyond Labz!

Using a Virtual Lab in an in-person laboratory setting:
Laboratory - we often observe that classic laboratory work often doesn’t reinforce scientific concepts but rather teaches students laboratory skills and techniques. To provide reinforcement of scientific concepts as intended, we recommend the following process for a laboratory structure.

In-lab teaching - Conclusion:
Beyond Labz quickly becomes a go-to tool for instructors to use in their laboratory teaching. It can be used in any aspect of the laboratory process - as a pre-lab, post-lab, or even lab replacement. Beyond Labz was designed as a supplement to laboratory work and will add value to a traditional lab structure. Traditional labs can be replaced with virtual labs if circumstances require it, but labs that instructors only dreamed of being able to do with their students are now possible with Beyond Labz. We look forward to the amazing ways you’ll incorporate Beyond Labz into your instruction and encourage you to share your
experience with fellow instructors on our community site.
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Beyond Labz
Product Highlights
4 different subjects covered: Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Physics
Fully browser-based, with no downloading required, LMS Integration
All virtual lab products include laboratory activities and lab books for students to record procedures, data, and to submit results
Saving and sharing your lab setups and results, creating assignments and unknowns, viewing and managing students
Product Features
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B2B, B2B2C
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Beyond Labz

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