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Type Of User
School Administrator
Target Level
Technical & Vocational Training, Continuing Education/Adult Learning
Tool Focus
Digital Certification
Product Summary
Certif-ID is a blockchain-based credentialing platform, enabling institutions to securely issue, track and verify digital certificates. Using data analytics and visualization tools, the platform provides valuable insights into engagement metrics and learning outcomes. Certif-ID is increasingly becoming the chosen platform to facilitate blockchain-based digital credentialing as it optimises the overall certification process and makes the digital certificates issued fraud-proof or immutable.
Product Details
Certif-ID is a blockchain-powered platform that offers a secure and decentralised digital certificate or record infrastructure. Through Certif-ID institutes across sectors can quickly and easily issue verifiable, tamper-proof digital certificates. Certif-ID’s proven platform guarantees certificate permanence, convenience, and security. It is reliable and affordable, enabling institutes to spend less and achieve full transparency of the certificate holders and the certification.
Contact Details
Mike D Wild
Product Highlights
Easy integration with LMS to manage course and student databases
Secure digital certificate issuance on blockchain technology
Instant certificate verification using URL and QR code
Store and/or control student records on Blockchain's distributed ledger network
Product Features
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English, German
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