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Curiosity Gym
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Type Of User
Target Level
Higher/Tertiary Education, Secondary Education, Primary Education & Early Childhood, Technical & Vocational Training
Tool Focus
Learning Resources & Content, Online Learning Platform, Learning Management System
Product Summary
Curiosity Gym presents a blended Innovation Hub platform - CLIP (Curriculum aligned Learning & Innovation Platform), that is NEP & curriculum aligned.
This program is designed for schools that are willing to set their students apart by exposing them to applied learning skills and fostering their ability to imagine questions not traditionally asked in their curriculum.
We work as knowledge partners with the schools & teachers in supporting their ongoing teaching and providing them with interactive and engaging lessons plans compiled into courses, regular formative assessments, & gamification in the form of points & badges to encourage healthy competitive learning spirit amongst students.
Product Details
Our Services Include:
Online Platform
Teacher Training
Teacher self paced learning
Curriculum aligned lesson plans
Formative regular assessments

Courses Include
- Traditional subjects - Science and Mathematics with an interdisciplinary approach
- Contemporary subjects like:
Artificial Intelligence
Product Design & 3D Printing
Contact Details
Girish Nair
Product Highlights
Teacher Training
Module based training content through our digital platform
Teachers will be given STEAM trainer certificates on successful completion
Teacher Self Paced Learning
A teacher- centered approach to learning, CLIP gives teachers the opportunity to refurbish the knowledge at their pace..
Curriculum aligned lesson plans
Created and curated by experts over a period of five years
Based on the principle of experiential learning
Regular Formative Assessments
Formative tests that are autograded
Product Features
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Curriculum aligned Learning & Innovation Platform

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