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Dive Analytics
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Type Of User
School Administrator, Student/Learner, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Secondary Education, Primary Education & Early Childhood
Tool Focus
Assessment, Learning Resources & Content, Professional Development
Product Summary
Monitor your students' well-being, keep track of their learning through personalised learning pathways, e-portfolio, gamification and more.
Product Details
Monitor Students' Socio-Emotional Well-being - Through daily mood check-ins and self-reflections, we make sense of both quantitative and qualitative data through sentiment analysis to provide early warning indicators for teachers to take intervention where necessary.

Track Students' Progression & Personalise Learning Pathways - Administer your school's internal and external programmes to keep track of students' learning and participations. Our intelligent portal is able to recommend each student their personalised learning pathways to support them in their holistic development.

Students' E-Portfolio - Our portal automatically keeps track of each student’s artefacts and achievements and generates their own customised e-portfolio for their future education endeavours.

Seamless Data Integration - If your school has other sources of data, our system is fully customisable to meet your school's unique needs. Integrate your excel data directly into our portal within a few clicks.
Contact Details
Roy Ong
Product Highlights
Early Identification of Students At-Risk - Through sentiment analysis and daily mood logs, our portal provide early warning indicators for teachers.
Personalized Learning Pathways - Administer your school's programmes and provide a personalised learning experience for students.
Boost Motivation through Gamification - Boost students’ motivation through points, badges, leader board and customization of their own avatars.
Secure Data Management - From data encryption to server hardening, we do our very best in compliance to requirements whilst not infringing on PDPA Act
Product Features
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Awards & Recognition
Solutions are in use by 15 public MOE schools in Singapore with over 10,000 users.
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Dive Analytics

Socio-emotional Monitoring, Personalized Learning

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