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Education Perfect
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New Zealand
Type Of User
School Administrator, Student/Learner, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Secondary Education, Primary Education & Early Childhood
Tool Focus
Assessment, Learning Resources & Content, Online Learning Platform
Product Summary
EP is a service and product that provides a digital toolkit to elevate teachers practice through technology. This is done by providing intuitive and actionable data for teachers, parents and school leaders. We track student performance across multiple factors to provide rich, usable data insights for all users. Giving you easy access to collated learning data allows for more time to action effective teaching and learning.

EP learning data facilitates:
- Differentiated delivery
- Individualised resourcing
- Personalised assessment
Product Details
We offer 30-day free trials for schools to witness how EP integrates into their context before purchase. Upon subscription, you will receive the toolkit for use throughout your academic year and access to a regional consultant who will help you best optimise the platform according to your Teaching and Learning goals across your school or department.

We have comprehensive resources for the following:

- English, Maths, Science (Years 7-11)
- Supporting resources for History, Geography, Health/PSHE, Digital Technology & Economics (Years 7-8).
- Foreign Languages resources support all levels, from beginning to expert learners, across a very wide range of
languages. Languages covered include French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic and more. (Year 3 - 13).
- EAL (A1-B2 CEFR levels)
Contact Details
Philip Jury
Product Highlights
EP Assessment:
- Run formative & summative assessment
- Track students' engagement, progress and performance in real-time
EP Studio & Library:
- Full School Solution
- 35,000 + EP-built curriculum-aligned lessons
- Rich Editor for teachers to collaborate, share and curate
EP Data Insights:
- Gain insights into student progression and achievement
- School cohort and entire school network data analysis
EP Engage:
- Range of features including peer review, inter-school competitions, peer-peer gaming
- Teacher feedback options
Product Features
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Free Trial
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Awards & Recognition
2020 Westpac Otago Business awards Winner - APAC TOP Education Tech Solutions Provider 2021 - B Corps certified

Education Perfect

Empowering students with personalised learning

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