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Explico Pte Ltd
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Type Of User
School Administrator, Student/Learner, University Administrator, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Secondary Education, Primary Education & Early Childhood, Higher/Tertiary Education
Tool Focus
Assessment, Online Learning Platform, Learning Management System
Product Summary
Explico is an online AI-based assessment learning platform that helps students to identify their academic strengths and weaknesses through a series of regular assessments that is being generated based on each individual's previous performance.
Product Details
Currently, we (Explico) are live in Singapore with a local curriculum, and also have a presence in Africa and the Philippines. With Singapore, its B2C approach, the system has the capabilities that can be effectively used by B2B users (School, Institution, Learning Centre, and Universities) for conducting Examination, Assessment, and Learning.
Contact Details
Sandesh Shetty
Product Highlights
Our Assessments have the capabilities to identify academic strengths and weaknesses by regularly measuring students learning outcomes.
A detailed assessment report is generated for every student, that identifies based on subjects, topics, and concepts along with predictive analysis.
Explico has its own online live platform that has the capability to do live assessment during the session that helps to measure attentiveness online
Explico's is easy to create modular sessions, assessments, 1to 1 sessions and create a more effective learning journey for students.
Product Features
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B2B, B2C, B2B2C
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