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Type Of User
School Administrator, University Administrator
Target Level
Technical & Vocational Training, Higher/Tertiary Education, Continuing Education/Adult Learning
Tool Focus
Admissions/Recruitment, Career Services, Student Services & Alumni
Product Summary
Asynchronous interviewing platform designed for higher education admissions. Fast track and simplify screening applicants while holistically identifying the best-fit students. Students can apply anytime, from anywhere, on any device.
Product Details
gradGREENHOUSE is the leading provider of asynchronous video interviewing for college and university admissions around the world. We combine market-leading technology with simple and intuitive tools to enable colleges and universities to admit students quickly and easily through an engaging, personalized and online experience – in a secure and user-friendly environment.

As a global team of passionate and curious problem-solvers our products are innovative, but our way of working is traditional. We listen to our partners and build custom solutions to meet their needs.

We believe:
 Applicants deserve to be evaluated holistically.
 There’s more to a candidate than their test scores.
 Universities should have the tools to find the best applicants regardless of geography.

Our solution:
 Admissions interview platform that allows universities to use one-way, recorded interviews and custom question banks to efficiently evaluate applicants online.
 Students can interview anytime, from anywhere, on any device.
 Fast track and simplify screening applicants while holistically identifying the best-fit students.
Contact Details
Elaine Marshall
Product Highlights
Streamline the application process
Asynchronous video interviews give both student applicants and admissions staff more flexibility and control.
Streamline your processes; Give your team the tools to streamline and manage the admissions process.
Leaderboards for rapid decision making; Automated leaderboards collate your applicants’ information in one location.
Mix video and written answers to evaluate different communication skills, Add video to each question to make the interview more interactive.
Product Features
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