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Type Of User
School Administrator, University Administrator
Target Level
Technical & Vocational Training, Higher/Tertiary Education, Continuing Education/Adult Learning
Tool Focus
Admissions/Recruitment, Career Services, Student Services & Alumni
Product Summary
Specialized virtual event platform designed for universities to connect students with companies across the globe for internships and jobs. Features customized company booths, live presentations, 1:1 video chats, searchable student and company profiles, single click internship and job applications, and sophisticated event analytics.
Product Details
gradGREENHOUSE offers a market-leading Virtual Career Fair platform that connects college and university students with employers for internships and jobs. Designed specifically for higher education, the platform equips universities to host engaging virtual recruiting and networking events that connect students with companies across the street or across the globe.

As a global team of passionate and curious problem-solvers who combine higher education experience with an understanding of what top employers are looking for, we partner with you to bridge the gap from college to career.
We believe:
 Students and graduates deserve to find their dream job, regardless of background.
 Employers deserve to showcase their brand and make meaningful connections with interested and diverse talent from around the globe.
 Universities deserve a customizable career services solution that makes it easy to connect graduates with employers and increase graduate employment numbers.

Our solution:
An innovative virtual career fair platform that enables
 Universities to customize the virtual experience and connect students with companies across the globe
 Students to showcase their skills, talent and achievements by connecting with employers, mentors and alumni to build authentic relationships and networks.
Contact Details
Elaine Marshall
Product Highlights
Organiser; Use our attractive and fun engagement tools to invite students. Offer companies package options with premium features & enhanced visibility
Participants; Go beyond GPA. Students build a personalized profile showcasing their education, work experience, and portfolio.
Exhibitors; Customise booth, post unlimited jobs and internships, track applications as they come in, and follow up with candidates after the fair.
Outcomes Focused
Track the impact of your virtual career fair with student-level, company-level and event-level analytics, reporting and surveys.
Product Features
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Virtual Career Fair

Engaging Virtual Event Platform

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