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Habitat Learn Group
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School Administrator, Student/Learner, Researcher, University Administrator, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Technical & Vocational Training, Higher/Tertiary Education
Tool Focus
International Education, Student Services & Alumni
Product Summary
Habitat Learn is an ecosystem of accessible products and services created to remove the barriers to learning.
Product Details
From scheduling everything you need for broadcasting classes globally, to delivering accessible courses with captions and summary notes for your students and staff, our products unify every learning experience.
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Habitat Learn
Product Highlights
Designed for education, Launch Camera is the bridge between a physical classroom and the digital world.
Coral is our very own video conferencing platform. Built for education, it links seamlessly with other tools to help deliver engaging content.
Powered by AI, perfected by people, Messenger Pigeon provides an online, real-time transcript, that is both fast and accurate.
Note Taking Express provides professional and organized summary notes from your classes. Keep an accurate record of what was taught.
Product Features
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B2B, B2C, B2B2C
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Habitat Learn

An ecosystem of educational products and services

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