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Type Of User
School Administrator, Student/Learner, University Administrator, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Continuing Education/Adult Learning, Higher/Tertiary Education
Tool Focus
International Education, Mentoring/Counselling, Online Learning Platform
Product Summary
Kinescope is an end-to-end video hosting platform for e-learning with headquarters in Emmen, Netherlands. Kinescope runs on top of own private CDN infrastructure and has few data centers across the world. Customers can host, store and upload thousands of video courses directly from the dashboard.
Product Details
Kinescope's features include interactive player allowing users to customize it according to their branding, add subtitles, chapters, attachments, in-depth analytics to monitor video performance and engagement, and live broadcasts with DVR and video archive enabled. Another useful feature Kinescope offers is premium content protection with industry-leading DRM encryption like Apple FairPlay, as well as private links and password protection ensuring the customer’s video is shared only with the audience they choose to.

Due to its private infrastructure, Kinescope offers revolutionary pricing without hidden fees and fixed subscriptions, with all features available to every user.
Contact Details
Derren de Jong
Product Highlights
CDN - Kinescope has a private CDN with own equipment and racks. This allows to deliver large volumes of video traffic with next to zero latency.
The interactive video player is customizable and lets the educator the opportunity to decide how to present the material to the audience.
Live broadcasts with DVR & video archive enabled. Create directly from the dashboard a regular or one-time streams without any restrictions..
Examine your viewers' behavior by analyzing views, play rate and average engagement, track events, users' clicks and overall performance of videos.
Product Features
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English, Dutch, Russian
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