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Knod Pte Ltd
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Type Of User
School Administrator, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Continuing Education/Adult Learning, Secondary Education, Technical & Vocational Training
Tool Focus
Learning Resources & Content, Online Learning Platform, Professional Development
Product Summary
TutoReels is a global online platform used by companies and school to host, manage, and share their training guides, learning materials and video content with employees or students remotely. Using the power of content streaming, TutoReels is designed as an on-demand learning platform in which anyone who wants to share their ideas and content can upload their videos and documents to remotely share with their clients, employees or students. With the capacity to accommodate a large number of users simultaneously, TutoReels is the next step in the revolution of remote learning.
Product Details
Tutoreels is a video streaming platform that helps organizations and schools create a sense of community. It enables users to create an ecosystem that allows any organization to increase communication and share information in an effectively visual manner.
Contact Details
Product Highlights
Create content easily with a few clicks of the button and design how the user interacts with it.
Create simple e-assessments that are tagged to videos. You have the option creating multiple mid-videos and end-video assessments.
Create user groups to push out individualized content. By creating unique user groups you can easily manage the content needs for different audiences.
Manage all documents and videos from a single page. Embed videos from YouTube or other sources. Admins can view and track user interaction with conten
Product Features
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Awards & Recognition
Finalists at the tth Commonwealth Digital Health Awards 2022
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