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Mega LearnX
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Type Of User
School Administrator, Student/Learner, University Administrator, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Continuing Education/Adult Learning, Higher/Tertiary Education, Secondary Education
Tool Focus
Digital Certification, Learning Resources & Content, Professional Development
Product Summary
MasterCXO is a long termed habit forming Media-Ed-Tech product with actionable gamification using points, badges and leaderboard. One-stop platform for Cohort based & peer to peer learning along with individual learning & creator platform who wants to learn anytime, anywhere, anything.

We are New Generation School offering live online & offline life-skills development for 9-27 years that help them discover and develop true potential as a creator.
Product Details
Today's burning problem is kids are educated on paper, but not future ready.
A big gap exists between college campus and corporate, as kids do not possess professional skills. We solve this problem by providing them an early test-drive to career and make them feel the future, today. We complete a Student-Mentor-Parent triangle which helps students to take career decision based on strengths and not marks / friends / influence.
We want youth to be 10x professional before stepping out of college.

We aim to become Maruti of Startup & Gen-z generation | HouseHold Name for New-Gen-School
#Har _Ghar_CXO
Contact Details
Product Highlights
Kids can take a test-drive of the career they wish to pursue.
Do internship and present work for real companies.
Learn, take decisions, start your startup and make mistakes. We want you to make mistakes today and not later in life.
Get one on one session with domain expert mentors from top companies.
Product Features
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B2B, B2B2C
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Awards & Recognition
Recognised in Insight2success magazine.


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