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Type Of User
Student/Learner, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Primary Education & Early Childhood
Tool Focus
International Education, Learning Resources & Content, Online Learning Platform
Product Summary
Norby's World is the fun way to learn and practice speaking English. Speech recognition lets your child practice speaking English, instead of just clicking buttons on a screen. All lessons are guided and self-paced so kids can learn at a speed that’s comfortable for them.
Product Details
Speech recognition lets your child practice speaking English instead of just clicking buttons on a screen.

Children who develop better listening skills are more likely to feel confident and prepared to succeed.

Reading aloud is the best way for your child to practice and improve their pronunciation.

To learn more about Norby’s World, visit
Contact Details
Adrian Mullan
Product Highlights
Makes Learning Fun: An exciting virtual world helps kids stay focused & motivated.
Speech recognition: Clever software helps your child practice speaking English.
Personalized Lessons: Intelligent AI generates lessons based on your child's interests.
Grows with your child: Self-paced lessons adapt to your child’s progress.
Product Features
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B2C, B2B2C
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English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian
Awards & Recognition

Norby’s World

The fun way to practice speaking English. Ages 5+

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