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PlanetSpark Pte. Ltd.
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Type Of User
School Administrator, University Administrator, Teacher/Lecturer
Target Level
Continuing Education/Adult Learning, Higher/Tertiary Education, Secondary Education, Primary Education & Early Childhood, Technical & Vocational Training
Tool Focus
Hardware, Virtual Classroom
Product Summary
Using the Hubware as the base of the system, PlanetSpark provide a full suite of hardware, software, as well as maintenance of the system. We offer not just the interactive display, but also a range of peripherals, such as the eGlass and the Pilot X that helps to enhance the in-class teaching and learning experience.

The Hubware comes in 5 sizes, from 55" all the way to 98". The screen has 4k resolution, along with 20 points of touch.
Product Details
• Digital Classroom will never be stuck with any hardware that goes obsolete, as their equipment will be replaced by the latest models every three years free-of-charge (e.g. 4G to 5G)
• Hardware warranty as well as software licenses come with the EaaS subscription that ensures zero cost to the customer in case of any
equipment failure, and removes the need for software renewal.
• Convenient features for your usage such as live transcription and translation, integrated into our proprietary web conferencing application
• Guru support from the team at OneScreen ensures that help is just one
click away. Support is done via video call, and the support staff can control your screen to help resolve any issues you may have.-PlanetSpark
Contact Details
Aaron Phuay
Product Highlights
Within the web conferencing application, we have a live transcription and translation service, which will generate subtitles as you speak.
With our casting and mirroring application, you can cast up to 9 screens onto the main monitor, and mirror it back to 249 screens, all with 0 lag time
With our GURU support, you can connect with an engineer that will solve all your needs at the touch of a button.
With OneScreen Central, take control of all the screens you own, from any browser.
Product Features
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B2B, B2C, B2B2C
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Awards & Recognition
2021 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence (eGlass)



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