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Technical & Vocational Training, Continuing Education/Adult Learning
Tool Focus
Mentoring/Counselling, Online Learning Platform, STEAM & Coding
Product Summary
RoadMaple provides roadmaps, resource curation, and coaching to make online learning painless and efficient.
Product Details
We work with companies, experts, and other learners to create roadmaps for learning skills. Online learning can be confusing. We make it easy to know what to learn. We also curate the best resources for learning any skill. There are more than enough resources online to learn any skill, but they are disorganized. Our curation recommends you the best resources to learn any topic. Finally, online learning can feel lonely and confusing. But fret not! RoadMaple's mentorship program pairs youths who are learning new skills with industry professionals.
Contact Details
Michael Chen
Product Highlights
Learning Roadmaps - A Guide to learning in order to master a skill
Resource Curation - A Guide how to learn a skill by recommending the best resources
Coaching - Get paired up with an industry professional to receive learning guidance
Simple and Easy user interface
Product Features
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Awards & Recognition
PAK Challenge Finalist; YAC S3 Participant
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How to learn anything.