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Singapore MathGym
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Primary Education & Early Childhood
Tool Focus
Learning Resources & Content, Online Learning Platform, STEAM & Coding
Product Summary
Singapore MathGym was founded with one single mission to address the above gap by nurturing & enhancing Cognitive & Thinking Skills in children.

Our Programs from Singapore MathGym is the World's Finest Enrichment Program in Cognitive and Higher Order Thinking Skills for children. The program nurtures Cognitive Abilities, Thinking Skills, Mathematical Reasoning and lays a strong foundation for success in Academics, Olympiads & Competitive Exams Worldwide.

• Analytical Thinking • Data Analysis • Lateral Thinking • Logical Reasoning
• Critical Thinking • Mathematical Reasoning • Visual Reasoning • Problem Solving
• Memory • Decision Making • Focus & Attention
Product Details
Flintelligence is designed as a Self-Directed Discovery Learning program, with Concept Videos and Gamified Video Puzzles. It enhances the child's speed and accuracy and triggers their Higher Order Thinking Skills, helping in laying a very strong foundation in core thinking and mathematical reasoning skills.
This program is offered to students of Grades 3 to 8.
Contact Details
Candida Williams
Product Highlights
Enrichment program that goes beyond the curriculum
Only global program for children covering 7 out of 10 SUCCESS SKILLS identified by World Economic Forum
Self-Directed Discovery Learning the Play Way
Puzzle and Game Based Learning
Product Features
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B2B, B2C, B2B2C
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Awards & Recognition
GESS Education Award Winner

Singapore MathGym

Critical & Higher Order Thinking Skills for Kids

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