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Wizar Learning
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Primary Education & Early Childhood
Tool Focus
Learning Resources & Content, Online Learning Platform
Product Summary
Wizar makes STEM learning accessible, affordable, and engaging for K8 learners. The "Play-to-Learn" model engages children in playing games with their friends, even as they complete missions and challenges. As a result, they acquire the key 21st century STEM skills.
Product Details
Wizar is a gamified immersive experience for children of ages 3-12. It helps them learn the key STEM concepts and 21st-century skills without teaching them. Play-to-Learn concepts. Learn-to-earn wizbux. Earn-to-play to unlock features and customize the experience. Mapped to NGSS and other major curriculum standards.
Contact Details
Sameer Buti
Product Highlights
Gamified: Play games with your friends. Learning will follow.
Immersive: See STEM models come alive in augmented reality.
Experiential: Tackle real-life problems and build challenging projects.
Inquiry-based: Learn to earn! No one is here to teach you.
Product Features
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B2C, B2B2C
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