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Become an Education Partner of SEN Mentorship Program


As an Education Partner of the SEN Mentorship Program, you identify EdTech start-ups, that are currently part of your institution’s Entrepreneurship program/ Incubator and whose founders would benefit from access to additional networks to further grow their business.


Founders can enter the SEN Mentorship program on a continuous basis, and can stay in the program for up to 1 year. SEN holds an intake interview with each founder to ensure that the mentoring program can add value. SEN matches founders and mentors on a topic and availability basis, and monitors the connections made throughout the program.


Through making the connection with SEN, EdTech founders will receive access to educators and education experts from various education segments and geographies who share their knowledge and insights and provide marketing opportunities. The EdTech Start-up will receive marketing support through SEN website & communication channels.

Interested? Contact Our Lead Mentors!

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Michael Klemm
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Hester Spiegel-van den Steenhoven
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