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International School, Private Higher Education Institution, Publisher/ Content Provider
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20 Lorong Puntong, Country Esquire
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United States
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Continuum provides free, short-form educational content that rewards learners in crypto and NFTs for exploring a broad range of career related contetn
Continuum is a free, global vocational school ensuring that the next generations of digital workers stay ahead of technology that might otherwise displace them.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
Continuum provides learners a social platform to acquire hard and soft skills, learn about industry standard tools, keep abreast of what’s new, bond with their peers and find work. As AI continues to advance, it will create new markets and opportunities that are currently unforeseen. Instead of resisting the change, it's important to embrace it and stay ahead of the curve by learning as much as possible about the industry and spotting opportunities before others.
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