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Datality Lab Pte. Ltd.

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Education Technology Company (EdTech), Online Learning Portal
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161 Lavender St, #02-13, Singapore 338750
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Singapore; Hong Kong
Flagship Event
Datality Lab promotes effective communication in the 21st century workplace, made possible by MOODIE.AI, an easily accessible and affordable SaaS communication and presentation training platform for students and workers at any time, anywhere. The patented harnesses composite AI observations, cognitive psychological interpretations and decision-modelled recommendations to offer human-like coaching experience in multiple language setting. With a wide range of applications such as public speaking, oral presentation, train-the-trainer, language proficiency, college/job interviews, sales pitch, customer service etc., it enables learners to progressively monitor their improvement based on individualized feedback. Besides, augments training providers to scale up their capabilities and capacities by automating the routine training tasks.
Key Programmes/Products/Services’s seven key automated functions are integrated on a single desktop or app-based platform.
1. Assess learning outcomes with quantifiable metrics
2. Interpret practices with highly granular feedbacks
3. Benchmark performances with industry peers
4. Recommend tips and advices for improvements
5. Monitor progression over repeated practices
6. Connect to an academy of advanced learning resources
7. Celebrate achievement merit-based social media recognition
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