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Education Technology Company (EdTech), Online Learning Portal, Training Organization
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133 Serangoon Avenue 3
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All Office Locations
Singapore, USA, Indonesia
Flagship Event
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A complete professional learning platform for educators and their schools.

Built by educators, EduSpark offers high-impact courses, masterclasses and live webinars curated from the best educational minds in the world. We do this by focusing on the transfer of learning effort into visible growth..

With new courses and features dropping every week, EduSpark has taken the professional learning landscape by storm.

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Key Programmes/Products/Services
Early Years - Grade 12 learning content with more than 150+ courses and learning experiences.

Globally recognised speakers and leaders sharing their voice alongside teachers in practice doing incredible things to inspire you and your staff.

Annual or monthly all you can learn subscriptions as well as a plethora of FREE content!

Courses, webinars, live sessions, communities of practice, portfolios, appraisal systems, certification, accreditation and much more!
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