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Firefly Learning

United Kingdom
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Education Technology Company (EdTech)
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531A Upper Cross Street, 04-95 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore
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UK, Singapore, Australia
About Firefly: Firefly is the trusted platform for whole-school engagement.

Firefly's Learner Management Solution, Parent Portal and Epraise Rewards Platform support all aspects of school life. Firefly gives students more ways to learn, gives teachers more time to teach, and gives parents a deeper connection to their children's learning.

Firefly has strong foundations in the UK, where it is used by over 70% of the top-performing independent schools. Around the world, it is fast becoming the technology platform of choice. It is currently being used in schools in more than 50 countries.

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Key Programmes/Products/Services
Learning Management>> Firefly LMS is a teaching and learning platform for the classroom and beyond. It helps schools simplify admin, promote greater collaboration and track the learning experience. It gives students more ways to learn and teachers more time to teach.

Parent Engagement >> Firefly Parent Portal is an enhanced digital gateway for parents. In one fully integrated environment, it offers messaging, homework tracking, holistic student profiles, management of student admin, parent-meeting bookings, school newsletters and informative resources.

Student Motivation >> Epraise puts student motivation at the heart of what schools do. Its points and rewards system encourages students to achieve more. Its class management tools can deliver greater control over behaviour, seating plans, extra-curricular activities and homework.
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