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Golden Equator Learning

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Accelerator/ Investment Company, Consultancy, Training Organization
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3 Fraser Street, #05 28 DUO Tower, Singapore 189352
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Startup Demo Day
Pinnacle is Golden Equator’s learning and development initiative, spanning NextGen empowerment and upskilling, entrepreneurship bootcamps and executive education. Over the years, Pinnacle has been involved in teaching, incubating and mentoring hundreds of founders in Singapore, Brunei, and Korea, running programmes for Government agencies and corporates across Asia.

We recognise that small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of any economy, and we are passionate about providing them with the skills they need to succeed. Pinnacle brings a fresh perspective to the learning experience with programmes that are future-focused and impact-driven. We believe that learning should go beyond the passive absorption of information – this drives our decision to focus on peer-based activities and hands-on sessions.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
Market Access Programme, Entrepreneurship training, Intrapreneurship training, Executive Learning
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