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The HundrED Innovation Summit brings together the world's best education innovators for a 2-day summit in Helsinki, Finland.
The purpose of education is to help every child flourish, no matter what happens in life.

The world is changing faster than schools, but beautiful things are still happening in education all over the world. We call them education innovations: practices, programs, or organisations that are scalable and impactful in K-12 education. The world is full of them and they are helping children flourish, but it can be difficult for them to spread.

We envision a future where every child has access to the best possible educational innovations that provide quality education for all.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
At HundrED, we seek and share inspiring innovations in education.

If you have an idea with measurable impact and the potential to scale, share it with the world by creating an innovation page at through our website.

Before sharing your own work, explore our selection process and our previous global innovation collections - HundrED 2018, HundrED 2019, HundrED 2020, HundrED 2021 & Hundred 2022.

We also have smaller collections of thematic based or region specific innovations called Spotlights. You may also share your idea to any open Spotlight campaigns.

Explore other innovations and our content here:
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