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Salt Lake City, Utah
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Education Technology Company (EdTech), Private Higher Education Institution
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GATEWAY WEST, 150 BEACH ROAD, Postal 189720
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All Office Locations
Salt Lake City, Sydney, London, Budapest, Singapore
Who is Instructure? We are the makers of Canvas LMS. But we’re not only the makers of a leading learning management system. We're an education technology company with a mission to elevate student success, amplify the power of teaching, and inspire everyone to learn together.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
A lot changes between that K and that 12. Our platform supports every student, at every stage, in any environment.

Higher Ed
Our solutions make educators more effective and students more successful, both in school and beyond.

Corp Edu
To work is to learn. But when work takes extra learning, our tools make it extra intuitive, engaging, and effective.

Amplify Teaching
When teachers get support, everyone benefits. We aim to improve instructional practices and technology-enhanced teaching in all learning environments, and to build educator capacity.

Elevate Learning
Student success is the result of engaging, collaborative learning experiences. Here's how our platform increases engagement and collaboration for everyone involved.

Intensify Impact
Ultimately, the goal is to improve learning outcomes. Our open, intuitive platform offers a reliable learning ecosystem, rich data insights, and clear ways to address individual student needs.
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