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Kirirom Institute of Technology

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Kirirom Institute of Technology (KIT) is a private institution for higher education located in Kirirom National Park, Cambodia founded by Mr. Takeshi Izuka. The institute was established in 2014 and formally commenced operations in October 2014. The Institute is part of A2A Town Co, Ltd. that envisions the development of Southeast Asia’s counterpart to Silicon Valley. KIT plans to develop students who can use cutting edge technologies to innovate the world. It further aims to provide opportunities to hard working and talented students who may be in the bottom of the pyramid instead of serving the privileged few.

Location and Climate
Kirirom Institute of Technology is located 112 kilometers south-west of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. Situated in the heart of Kirirom National Park and on top of Kirirom mountain, KIT is surrounded by lush pine forest that gives students a serene environment and atmosphere conducive for learning. The Institute enjoys the renowned natural beauty and tropical climate of Kirirom. The temperature is within the range of 25 – 35 degrees and the weather is moderately humid. The mountain and surrounding forest is ideal for hiking and similar outdoor activities to provide students relaxation and recreation.

A leading science and technology university in Southeast Asia with excellent education, cutting-edge research, and a commitment to green development and a multicultural community.

- Provide life-changing academic and career opportunities for all students, regardless of their family socio-economic backgrounds;
- Foster innovation, creativity and team spirit among students;
- Establish a diverse and multicultural community conducive to studying, living and working;
- Produce young leaders​​​ with a local and global understanding and respect;
- Serve national and regional needs for a digital workforce with the fast-changing context of digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

5 Year Strategic Plan
KIT’s Strategic Plan 2020-25 comprises six core areas:
(1) educational programs, (2) research & innovation, (3) faculty and staff development, (4) the promotion of industry-university linkages, (5) internationalization and (6) building of a smart and green campus.

These six areas were selected and discussed during a half-day consultation workshop held at KIT on December 14, 2019. Participants were representatives from a range of stakeholders, including KIT’s Governing Board members, senior management team, students, alumni, faculty members and staff and experts from other institutions, including partner higher education institutions and the private sector. Their varied perspectives and rich experiences added valuable input into the discussion and planning.

The Governing Board meeting on December 15, 2019 provided further advice and suggestions to the development of the Strategic Plan. Such an inclusive engagement approach ensures the relevance and public ownership of KIT’s programs.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
Bachelor Degrees in Software Engineering, Tourism Management, and Architecture
Masters in CyberSecurity
Intensive Internship Program
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