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Education Technology Company (EdTech), Online Learning Portal
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1 Pemimpin Dr, #02-03, Singapore 576151
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A cloud based learning recommender guiding every learner towards mastery
KiteSense is a cloud-based recommender that guides every learner towards mastery of a chosen subject. The AI engine scaffolds learning tasks for each subject and optimises learning paths for each learner based on pedagogical research and individual learner profile. KiteSense personalises the learning speed and content to every learner, providing the right tools and support to meet their individual needs.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
Smart Tutor , A fully asynchronous online adaptive learning platform, the ontology-driven knowledge maps automatically prescribes what learners have to learn next and recommends the right content at the right time. As learning paths are optimized based on each learner's profile, learners can achieve proficiency of skills and knowledge faster while feeling more supported and engaged.
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