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Let's Flip LLP

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Education Technology Company (EdTech), Consultancy
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18 Sin Ming Lane
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Flagship Event
The Next Level
Score Campus LLP and Let's Flip LLP are an education change making team. We believe the new way forward is to create and design learning experiences that are emotionally connecting and authentic. We are a team of educators, engineers and learning advocates who believe that the entire learning journey of a student, parent and teacher has to change and the effect has to be tangible and positive.

Learning is change in behaviour as a result of an experience. What is not life altering will not be permanent.

Our goal is to connect students of young and old around the world through learning.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
Let's Flip App soon to be renamed as
Education Superheroes Teacher's Training Retreat in Bali
The Next Level Teens' Leadership and Mental Fortitude Camp
The First Step Mental Health Evaluation Experience
Classroom Without Walls - Learning With Tech and Skills Portfolio Program
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