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Mercer Mettl

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Education Technology Company (EdTech)
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8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, Singapore 018960
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Mercer | Mettl's online examination platform and proctoring solutions is an end-to-end digital system that automates academic examinations. The system empowers universities to conduct credible online exams globally.

Here’s how the solution makes online exams secure, scalable and easy to manage.

1. Online Examination Platform:

- Our user-friendly and robust online examination platform enables educational institutes to set up question papers, schedule exams and conduct exams in a scalable manner, on one system.

2. A Suite of Anti-Cheating Tools:

- Our AI-powered suite of remote proctoring tools ensures cheating-free online exams.

- Our facial recognition technology and a 3-point candidate authentication system ensures that the right student is taking the exam.

- Our Secure Exam Browser sanitizes the exam environment by disabling additional browsers, tabs, search engines, ports, etc.

- Our AI-powered suite of proctoring tools ensures maximum cheating prevention with a full range of proctoring technologies:

- Auto proctoring technology uses students' webcam, and microphone feeds for auto- invigilation. It raises flags highlighting various instances of suspicious activities with utmost accuracy.

- We provide live proctoring for high-stakes exams through our team of readily available expert human proctors.

- Record and review proctoring is best suited for low-stakes exams. Proctors review the recorded video feed of students and ascertain the flags generated by the AI bot at their convenience.

3. Digital Evaluation System:

- After exams, exam administrators use our digital evaluation system to assign answer sheets to evaluators and manage evaluation progress. Evaluators have their dashboards to manage evaluations and track progress.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
1. Online Examination Platform

- The platform is robust, with the ability to conduct over 200,000 exams in a day.

- We support a wide variety of exams, using a repository of 26+ different question formats.

- Our scan and upload technology simulates physical exams by enabling students to upload subjective answers through scanning answer sheets.

2. A Suite of Anti-cheating Tools:

- Mercer | Mettl is the only Indian proctoring provider to feature in Gartner’s ‘Leader’s category.’ The following features make our proctoring world-class:

- The proctoring tools can be integrated with major LMSs such as Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, D2L, etc., with a click of a button.

- Our industry-leading AI bot flags 18+ suspicious cases with more than 98% accuracy.

- We provide complete visibility of exam drives and their quality using the Super Proctor feature.

3. Digital Evaluation System:

- We provide powerful dashboards to administrators and evaluators, enabling them to manage the answer sheet evaluation process online.

- Professors can evaluate, co-evaluate and re-evaluate answer sheets, all within one secure system.

Additionally, the following features make Mercer | Mettl the most sought-after online examination partner:

- End-to-end exam management: Conduct, proctor, and evaluate exam, all on one system.

- Client Support: 24*7 support for our clients.

- Data Security: Stringent data security protocols, including GDPR compliance.

- Accessibility: The ability to work with internet bandwidth up to 512 kbps.

- Global System: Support for 30+ languages and work across 90+ countries.
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