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Noodle Factory

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Education Technology Company (EdTech)
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Noodle Factory turns educators into superheroes with AI-Powered Teaching Assistants.

Noodle Factory is an EdTech platform that has been developed by educators for educators. The founders of Noodle Factory were trying to solve their own problem: how to scale educators and allow them to be ‘superhuman’ by automating and offloading the many non-teaching tasks that get in between educators and their students.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
*Reduce Your Workload*
Automate time-consuming (but essential) tasks like
- Tutoring
- Quizzes & Assessments
- Grading
- Exam prep

Start by simply dragging and dropping course content (e.g., textbooks, course notes, journal articles) into the platform so that Natural Language Processing algorithms can automate the process of generating a knowledge base.

*Engage in New Ways*
Quickly and easily harness the power of AI to deliver personalised learning to students.

Using a chat/messaging interface (e.g., Microsoft Teams, WebEx), students receive instant, personalised feedback and tutoring, through interactive dialogue, without the need for educators to be directly involved in the process.

Assess in various question types, including open-ended or paragraph answers, to make learning more meaningful.
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