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Education Technology Company (EdTech)
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Pivot Professional Learning is a Melbourne-based company offering evidence-based tools, data analytics and practical support to help improve teacher effectiveness in schools.

Our premium service draws on international research in providing a school's teachers with insights they can trust via student feedback.
- Our online, secure, and intuitive student survey instruments create detailed reports and analytics
- We provide clear and actionable guidance to teachers on professional strengths and areas for growth as against the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching, IB and other international curriculum frameworks
- Student Survey on Teaching results are confidential to the teacher, for their professional development, and only aggregated school data is shared with Principals and/or system leaders.
- Our Wellbeing for Learning survey provides wellbeing leaders with timely data on students throughout the whole year
- A suite of tailored resources and strategies with the option of an independent debrief, ensuring that students, teachers and schools are well supported to create the most supportive learning and wellbeing environments
Key Programmes/Products/Services
Student Surveys on Teaching
Wellbeing for Learning Surveys for Students
Pulse Check Surveys
School Improvement Tools and Resources
360 Degree Surveys
Educator Wellbeing Surveys (in Pilot)
Bespoke Survey and Evaluation Design
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