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Smart Jen

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Education Technology Company (EdTech)
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18 Howard Road, #08-06, Novelty Bizcentre, Singapore 369585
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SmartJen is a unique AI-enabled yet human-centric EdTech personalized learning system designed by educators for educators, optimising educators’ work processes based on data, ML and AI technology. Our adaptive learning technology offers transparency on learning outcomes and enables customizable teaching to best suit individual learning objectives – from the creation of lesson materials, to the assessment and diagnosis of students’ learning progress and gaps. Accentuating the experience of our virtual classroom with video conferencing and collaborative whiteboard, we make it possible for educators to provide onsite and online teaching seamlessly, efficiently and effectively.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
Our key features:

1. Assessment: A holistic e-assessment and LMS diagnostic solution

• Content Management System
• AI Worksheet Generator for personalised differentiated instruction worksheets
• ~80,000 ready-to-use question bank based on Singapore curriculum
• Auto-marking with instant feedback
• Detailed analytics reports to identify learning gaps

2. Academy: Digital content library integrated with payment gateway

• Digitise, organise & productise educators’ lesson contents and materials
• Lesson delivery in different modes – Drip-Feed, self-paced & adaptive learning

3. Live-Online Classroom: Video conferencing solution with collaborative whiteboard

• Synchronous & asynchronous learning to engage students in live online collaboration
• Synergistic teaching tools from ease of drag-drop file access from personal library to live interaction via intuitive writing and drawing

4. Data & Artificial Intelligence Technology

• Identify learning gaps through data leading to learning recommendations through AI-enabled Recommendation System
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