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Starfish Labz

Bangkok, Thailand
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Education Technology Company (EdTech)
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The Gateway West Level 35, 150 Beach Road, Singapire 189720
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Chiang Mai, Thailand; Bangkok, Thailand; Singapore
Flagship Event
"Teacher Hero", a competition inviting educators across Thailand to pitch their innovations in teaching and learning, is now in Year 3.
Starfish Labz is our online learning platform for teachers and parents. It seeks to address 21st-century learning gaps among teachers and parents to prepare the necessary skills and competencies for their children. We believe that teachers and parents must connect, share and build active learning communities to support and educate our children. We partner with leading universities and academic institutes to provide online courses, videos and Face-to-Face workshops, parents and teachers free of charge. We focus on child development, digital technology, real-world problems, STEAM, ethics & morality, socio-emotional learning, health & wellness, and special education.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
Starfish Labz - online learning platform and community for teachers and parents.

Starfish Class - a free classroom resource tool designed specifically to help teachers assess their students’ skills and manage their classrooms conveniently.
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