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The Lavender Spaceship Project

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Education Technology Company (EdTech), Online Learning Portal, Student Enrichment Centre
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The Lavender Spaceship Project is Singapore’s first online coding and computer literacy platform dedicated to school-going girls.

We conduct coding and computer literacy-related lessons for young girls run by all women’s team. Founded in 2018, the goal of Lavender Spaceship is to reduce the gender gap in the Coding and Technology related fields.

We believe that by engaging girls in coding early on and sustaining their interest through the younger years, we can increase the pipeline of girls entering into computer science and tech-related programs.

Since 2018, we have conducted 600+ workshops/ sessions with fantastic ratings from parents and students. We have been featured on local news and media platforms like The Straits Times and Channel News Asia 93.8 to share our work.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
Coding and computer literacy programs for girls 7-16 years old. Our program is divided into 3 age groups:

1. Rover: 7-8 years old
World of Computers: Unplugged
Introduction to Scratch Programming

2. Apollo: 9-11 years old
Scratch programming levels 1 and 2
Digital Making with Microbit
3D Design with Coding and Geometry
Modding with Minecraft
App Design

3. Falcon: 12-16 years old
Python programming levels 1, 2 and 3
Data Analytics with Python (launching soon)
Web programming with HTML and CSS (level 1)
Web programming with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (level 2)
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