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Trident Training & Consulting

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Consultancy, Publisher/ Content Provider, Training Organization
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Restorative Practices in Education
Trident is an organisation with a passion for working with educational institutions to help them become more welcoming, affirming, and supportive places to be for students and staff.

Trident focuses in three areas that exhibit great need in today's education systems-

1. Sexual harassment/misconduct/assault
2. Diversity & Inclusion
3. Restorative Practices

Trident has a strong background in education, having worked in the higher education sector for over 10 years, writing policies, conducting staff and student trainings, and advancing inclusion efforts for students, staff, and faculty.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
Trident offers one-on-one or group consulting, policy writing, trainings and workshops, and longer courses connected to any of the three areas of focus (sexual misconduct, diversity & inclusion, and restorative practices).

Trident currently offers the following courses-

1. The ABCs of Restorative Justice - an introduction and skills-building session on restorative practices in education and how to begin implementing.

2. LGBT-Who? - An overview of the stressors and challenges that LGBTQ students face in school and how educators can best support and work with this student population.

3. Safe & Brave space for all students - An introductory course into D&I issues in an educational setting, helping educators identify how to create culturally responsive and inclusive environments.

4. Inclusive Leadership - A course for leaders on how to lead with heart, inclusion, and equity at the forefront of their work!

5. Consent Culture - A course on creating a school culture founded on consent, respect for others, and boundaries.
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