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Université Paris Cité

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18 College Ave E, Singapore 138593
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Singapore, France
Flagship Event
Open House - February & March
At the heart of a global network of knowledge and innovation, Université Paris Cité is France’s leading multidisciplinary university. It covers a wide range of disciplines, with one of the most comprehensive and ambitious educational offerings available in the world. Université Paris Cité is part of the incarnation of a world city, aware of its place and missions, open to youth and knowledge.

Born in 2019 from the merger of the universities of Paris Diderot, Paris Descartes and Institut de physique du globe de Paris, the ambition of Université Paris Cité is to lead and develop an exceptional potential to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s society.
Key Programmes/Products/Services
With a recognized international standing, as well as a strategic portfolio of privileged academic partners throughout the world, it offers its students state-of-the-art, innovative courses in the following fields :

- Arts, Humanities and Languages;
- Human, Economic and Social Sciences;
- Science and Technology;
- Medicine , Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing.
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