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Teacher Meets Tech June 2023
Organized by :
Singapore Education Network
Start :
Friday, 23 June 2023
06:00 PM
End   :
Friday, 23 June 2023
07:30 PM
As part of the Singapore Education Network's mission to create opportunities to share - learn - collaborate, we have a ground-up community “Teacher Meets Tech” that is led by teachers for teachers.

Our next gathering will be on 23rd of June 2023. We are also happy to announce that the this session will be hosted by Kaplan Singapore in collaboration with PeopleGamez

📍 Venue: Kaplan Singapore, 8 Wilkie Road, Wilkie Edge
🗓 Date: Friday, 23rd of June 2023
📚 **Topic:**

1. Facilitation Gamez: Experience the Wow of Learning by Vikas Badami - Founder of

2. War of the Chatbots Bard, Bing Chat, ChatGPT, Ernie and beyond. The new AI gold rush and its impact on higher education by Dr Juergen Rudolph

Joining us is Dr Juergen Rudolph the director of research in Kaplan Singapore discussing the Rapid developments in chatbots have had a major impact on higher education, with millions of students and academics using them for a variety of purposes. This article compares several chatbots across a multi-disciplinary test relevant for student assignments and online exams.

Moreover, we have an international visitor from India, a founder from a game-based experiential training pedagogy ‘PeopleGamez’. Vikas Badami will be joining us too speaking about an experiential learning game called 4Plantz that is produced by PeopleGamez, providing a psychologically safe learning space and data-driven insights to help facilitators focus on core learning outcomes and behaviors.

Target Audience: Higher Education & Educators and Teachers interested in learning pedagogical training.

Target Audience:
Teacher and Educators ONLY
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