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Founded in 2009 by Dr Vanessa von Auer, one of Asia’s leading child experts, IIS is built on the principle that every child is capable of success that goes beyond one definition.

We believe that success spans across a wide spectrum of possibilities. 


Integrated International School

School type:

International School



Campus locations:




Number of students:

appr. 100

Education offered in Singapore:

Primary & Secondary Graduations

What we stand for:

We believe in providing an equal education opportunity to students with various learning styles and preferences. Our international education programme is based on the Australian curriculum. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and community, which is why we offer a "Mainstream" approach as well as a "Mainstream with Support (MwS)" approach. Integrating two learning streams, thus, ensures that we are able to differentiate each student's unique learning journey and help students "redefine success" holistically.

At the Integrated International School (IIS), we offer unique facilities, such as our interactive multi-sensory Ocean Snoezelen Room and Occupational Therapy Jungle Gym. While our enviable teacher-to-student ratio (1:5) and dedicated in-house support services (some of which include but are not exclusive of Counselling, Naturalistic Applied Behaviour Analysis, Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Brain Training, Social Skills Training, et.c) make it possible for us to tailor our syllabus to accommodate students of all walks of life. If any student is struggling academically, behaviourally, emotionally or socially, our teachers are highly trained to identify when a child may need additional support.

The big advantage of our smaller class sizes is that it allows teachers to provide an individualised learning experience. The increased one-to-one attention also means that teachers work collaboratively with our support staff to create a tailor-made programme (Individualised Education Plan – IEP) for our students who require support, all within the typical classroom context.


Tel: (65) 6466-4475

E-mail: admissions@iis.edu.sg


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