Sales - Education Leadership & Learning Executive


Job Responsibilities

- As a Education Leadership & Learning Executive, you will be a key part of our Education Sales team and will drive Apple’s core education messaging with assigned customers focused on influencing education leadership to implement Apple products and services.
- As a skilled storyteller, you will present Apple solutions to the education market and demonstrate how Apple solutions can best meet customer needs. Presentations are provided to groups at seminars, briefings, conferences, and workshops, as well as for individual strategic accounts.
- You will be a trusted advisor to education leaders who are looking to Apple for mentorship on leading change and transformation into their learning environment. You will also provide education expertise and mentorship to customers to ensure effective implementation of Apple products and solutions.
- You will effectively support execution of plans by cross-functionally coordinating internally and externally with Business Development Executives', Systems Engineers', Resellers' and Strategic Partners. We often draw on our previous successes and our partners expertise to drive scale and velocity.
- You will help build and develop communities within our territory to support our education initiatives; Apple Distinguished Schools, Apple Distinguished Educators and Apple Professional Learning.


- Extraordinary knowledge of the education market and an understanding of effective classroom technology.
- Ability to work as part of a dynamic sales organisation.
- Solid understanding of the Apple education ecosystem and high level of proficiency with Apple products and services.
- Experience in an academic leadership position preferred.
- Proven track record in leading and driving substantive change as a school leader.
- Experience as a classroom teacher or lecturer, and/or curriculum consultant.
- A deep understanding of the Singapore education system with a preference for having taught and been a school leader within this system.
- Excellent presentation skills.
- High level of energy and flexibility.
- Strong teammate with dynamic confidence in an education environment

About the Organization

For over 40 years, we’ve had the privilege of working alongside educators around the world. From that experience, we know that educators with powerful technology can unlock the unique genius in every learner, so they can make a difference.

As a Education Leadership & Learning Executive, you will be responsible for leading strategic leadership engagements with K-20 customers in Singapore. In this role, you will work closely with education sales executives as part of a collaborative team to transform teaching and learning environments with Apple products. This position requires critical thinking and extraordinary presentation and storytelling skills, along with the ability to inspire and empower groundbreaking change at the senior leadership level in schools.

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