Head of Education Business


Job Responsibilities

1. Take charge of the overall education business management in combination with the company's strategic objectives;
2. From the perspective of the industry, determine the long-term business development strategic plan, gain insight into the business model, allocate resources, clarify the business objectives at different stages of business development, and be responsible for the business value;
3. Be responsible for building the business core management team, introducing cutting-edge methods, concepts and industry insights into the team, and continuously improving the team's effectiveness.


1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 10 years of working experience, and experience in Internet entrepreneurship;
2. Have keen market awareness and excellent commercial sensitivity, and have accurate judgment on the development trends of the industry;
3. More than 3 years of team management experience in the Internet industry, strong team management ability and excellent business management awareness;
4. Goal-oriented with strong initiative and ability to withstand pressure; open- minded with entrepreneurial spirit.

About the Organization

Founded in 2012, ByteDance's mission is to inspire creativity and enrich life. With a suite of more than a dozen products, including TikTok, Helo, and Resso, as well as platforms specific to the China market, including Toutiao, Douyin, and Xigua, ByteDance has made it easier and more fun for people to connect with, consume, and create content.

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