Program Manager


Job Responsibilities

- Strategize, implement, and maintain program initiatives that drive Cialfo’s success in making education accessible to 100 million students.
- Work with multiple product teams, ensuring program goals are reached.
- Develop program assessment protocols for evaluation and improvement.
- Maintain organizational standards of satisfaction, quality, and performance.

2022 Program Initiatives
- Compliance: A priority for 2022 and 2023 is ensuring that Cialfo is compliant in key markets. Here you will be working with our legal team to devise & implement compliance strategies across the organization.

- Data Science: Over the last year, we have built out a data science team to build prediction and recommendation tools that support students across their application journey. Here you will be working with Data Science & Product Management teams to
Drive the creation of data science models that support business objectives.
Identify opportunities to implement data science models into the platform.
Engage with customers to understand their predictive analytics needs.

- Product Transformation: As we continue to grow as a company and as a product department, we need to ensure that we develop and embody best practices in product development.
Here you will be working across the department to champion these changes.


- Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field
- 5+ years in an advanced management role (preference given to those with program management experience)
- Exceptional leadership, time management, facilitation, and organizational skills
- Outstanding working knowledge of change management principles and performance evaluation processes

About the Organization

Cialfo is a leading platform connecting students, higher education institutions and counselors through technology driven solutions. Launched in 2017 with a mission to make education accessible to 100 million students, Cialfo provides a range of mobile and web solutions to students, K-12 institutions and higher education institutions. We’re one of the fastest-growing edtech startups in the region, consistently charting new heights!

Bridge the collaboration between distinct teams by bringing your holistic view and leadership to the table. You are instrumental in bringing our mission to life by being a tactical problem-solver, establishing ambitious pipelines to construct dynamic products and strategising against competing forces.

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