VP of Product


Job Responsibilities

The VP of Product oversees and ensures that the functions of the Product Directors, Managers Owners & Interns are efficiently and effectively executed. You will be expected to liaise with other cross-functional executives in engineering, marketing, sales, customer experience & design departments. You would be translating the product needs into requirements and to drive consensus within the product departments, which ultimately promotes the achievement of the product goals. The VP of Product reports to the Chief Product Officer.
- Establish the product vision, drive product strategy, road-mapping and execution across the organization.
- Oversee the entire product management team with hiring, training, coaching and development.
- Build and maintain a high performing, diverse & collaborative product culture.
- Effectively manage your team by defining clear OKRs for your department, and taking responsibility for your department’s KPI’s, budgeting and goals.
- Think strategically and be able to communicate and articulate the product strategy effectively.
- Collaborate with senior leadership and cross-functional stakeholders to influence and execute on the product vision and roadmap.
- Mentor, empower and recruit high performing product managers and product designers who have shipped technology products at scale.
- Manage and evolve the development and product lifecycle process and achieve ideal delivery cadences for different product suites.
- Drive the company's understanding of the total addressable market, new opportunities, risks and competitive landscape, and align customer needs into clear, well-defined feature requirements
- Manage successful product launches to ensure internal teams are prepared to sell, support, and drive adoption of new and updated product capabilities.
- Maintain cadence with the Design Team, operating 1-2 quarters ahead of engineering for key


- 12+ years of product management experience and a minimum of 5+ years of proven managerial experience.
- Experience reporting to founders/c-suite/board
- Experience working in fast-scaling startups (eg: managed through growth from 100 - 1000 employees)
- Experience in SAAS products on web & mobile.
- Solid communication skills with interpersonal skills that give you the ability to successfully drive your team and collaborate across teams.
- Demonstrate the ability to distill complex business problems, solutionize and turn them into measurable, actionable and optimizable outcomes.
- Experience growing a team and coaching them to reach their best potential.
- Data is your source of magic to drive teams and product success.

About the Organization

Cialfo is a leading platform connecting students, higher education institutions and counselors through technology driven solutions. Launched in 2017 with a mission to make education accessible to 100 million students, Cialfo provides a range of mobile and web solutions to students, K-12 institutions and higher education institutions. We’re one of the fastest-growing edtech startups in the region, consistently charting new heights!

Bridge the collaboration between distinct teams by bringing your holistic view and leadership to the table. You are instrumental in bringing our mission to life by being a tactical problem-solver, establishing ambitious pipelines to construct dynamic products and strategising against competing forces.

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